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FWTP2: Hilarie and Sophia being cute together (x)

Oct 18th, Sophia and Joy leaving the stage at OTH fwtp2 convention in Paris, France

Sophia Bush - Instyle Weddings magazine 2005 

Sophia Bush - Giant Magazine (2006)

sophiabush: Paris, you are always so good to me. I took some quiet time tonight, just for me, and ran through the city streets. Feeling the perfect evening weather on my skin, the air in my lungs, my heart beating through my chest… And what happened? I found myself under the Eiffel Tower just as it began to twinkle. And that made my heart skip a beat. Yes, there is magic in the air here. What a perfect ending to a beautiful journey. #ParisJeTAime #SeeTheSigns #Gratitude 

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